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    Suite 9   Level 1   Westcentre
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Welcome to Evolve Health, Perth’s premier fitness centre!

We offer a conducive environment to help you be in your best shape and turn your life around through healthy living. Our elite team of fitness experts will be your trusted partner towards achieving your goals. Our centre features state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to provide you with all the essentials for your unique workout regimen.

At Evolve Health, we offer a variety of services to meet your exact needs. We provide excellent personal training services to help you develop an individualised program that targets your specific fitness goals.We make sure you remain motivated to break a sweat right from the get-go.Our trainers know what it takes to make your workout a more rewarding endeavour.We will put structure to your exercise routine based on your schedule and physical abilities.Reaching your fitness objectives is what our trainers aim to do, which is why you can only expect excellent services from us.

A significant facet of our business is to develop a personalised diet plan for each client. We will choose the food that you’d eat to help you achieve results fast without compromising proper nutrition. Our excellence in diet planning has transformed many lives, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands with our registered nutrition professionals.

Evolve Health is your company’s ultimate partner in fostering better health within the organisation. We provide a full range of services promoting corporate health to all companies. Our team will prepare a wellness presentation, develop diet plans for your employees, and conduct group exercises.

Discipline and dedication are the very foundation of our business. Our wellness coaching techniques truly reflect these core values. Our health mentors will serve as your companion throughout your fitness journey. Your wellness coach will keep track of your progress, assist you in developing a healthy lifestyle outside the gym, and be the friend that you can count on every step of the way until you’ve reached your top form.

Let true fitness experts help you be in the best shape of your life. Sign up today or contact us for any enquiries and we’d be glad to help you!

You already know that you NEED to exercise, but why should you engage a personal trainer? Here are your five BIG reasons:

1. Motivation and accountability

Without knowing your exact health goals I can still recommend that you exercise at least 5 times per week. But putting this into action can be hard when at 5:30 AM our decisional balance between an extra 45 minutes of sleep versus 45 minutes of exercise sways heavily towards your flannelette sheets. Enter your personal trainer who will keep you on track and accountable to your exercise. When you are committed to a personal training session, whether it be a one on one personal training session or a group personal training session in a studio, you are locked in. You know that your personal trainer is going to be prepared with a planned session outline, equipment set up and waiting for you.

2. Time efficient training

Some of us are professional athletes whose sole job is to train. The rest of us have to fit our exercise around other life commitments and this means that we need to train efficiently. Time efficient exercise is personal training that is going to give us the greatest outcome in the shortest amount of time. Should I spend the 30 minutes of my 150 minutes of weekly exercise running on a treadmill at 8 km/h? Are these 6 sets of 20 sit-ups the best use of my valuable training time for a flat stomach?

3. Programmed for results

What is the difference between you and an international level athlete? Nothing. You both need to train to a plan that takes you from your current level to your end goal. Your training program needs to have structure, it needs to have direction and the individual training sessions need their own focus.

For the physiological adaptations that you are training for you need a range of stimuli that cover all of the different patterns of functional movement that you body is designed to perform, and an intensity that takes you way out of your comfort zone.

4. Tools of the trade

You can complete a SUPER intense training session using just your body weight and nothing else, but your personal trainer will also get you using a variety of effective training tools which will add a huge number of exercise options to your personal training sessions, keep you mentally interested and your body guessing. One movement pattern which is challenging to train without tools is the horizontal pull, an upper body rowing type action. We train this movement to strengthen and develop your posterior chain from hamstrings and glutes to the whole of your back. Who wants to use the MOST metabolically active muscles in their body? And who wants a better posture? Your personal trainer has simple tools like free weights, kettlebells and possibly a TRX suspension trainer to take care of this.

5. Train safe

When you exercise you place your body under high degrees of stress, often extreme. You need to do so for the positive physiological changes that you want. But as you stress your body you want to do so safely avoiding acute and repetitive injury. Injury follows with a period of inactivity, and a decline in your activity levels is completely counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve. How can you brace your deeper core muscles to protect your back? How low should you squat before placing too much stress on your spinal vertebrae? Train safe to keep on training.

YOUR DIET IS INFINITELY CRUCIAL! I cannot place enough importance on a healthy and nutritious eating routine that you establish and maintain consistently. Do not rely on a “shake” based diet plan, do not cut out all carbs from your daily intake and do not incorporate “fasting” into your week. Your approach to your diet must consider your individual parameters : sex, age, body weight, height, body shape type (slender, round, muscular), medication, waist girth measurement, dietary preference, how active your daily job is, how much dedicated exercise you do and most importantly your health goals. These factors are personal to you and our dietitians consider these when programming your individualised diet plan.

The quantity of food that you eat, and hence the calories that you consume is very important but you also need to make sure that your intake is nutritious. Our dietitians take the approach that your diet plan is not all about counting calories, but also making sure that the calories that you do eat count for something. When your metabolism is optimised you will have successful weight management, and for this to happen the cells in your body need to be nourished. This can only be done with nutrient rich food. You need to balance your intake of healthy oils, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, water, dairy and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Your diet plan will show you how to cover these food groups.

Exercise alone without any consideration for your diet will only get you part of the way towards achieving your goals. We will give you structure, guidance, hundreds of recipes and all the support you need to get you eating healthy, not just for the next 8 weeks, but for the rest of your life.

- Do you want to make lifelong healthy lifestyle changes but not know where to start?

- Have you tried to make these changes but lack motivation and drive?

- Are you trying your best but frustrated with slow results?

Your Wellness Coach is your health mentor, someone to guide and support you along your journey to better health. A wellness coach will give you clear direction and rock solid accountability. Our approach is not to dictate what behavioural changes you must make, rather to help you plan and execute your own road map to health success.

There is a very definite, stepped process to the coaching platform. The first part of this process is for you to clearly define your health and wellness vision, you need to find out where are you heading. Secondly, describe why reaching your vision is important for YOU, what is your driving motivation. Next determine the healthy behaviours that you need to make part of your every day routine for this vision to be realised. We will gradually make your “healthy behaviours” habitual, an everyday and routine part of your life. And the final part of this process is to break these habits down into much smaller weekly targets that are achievable, but still a crucial part of your wellness vision. To keep you on track we will have weekly coaching sessions to celebrate your progress, discuss the obstacles encountered and plan future strategies.

Healthy employees are happier, you will increase workforce retention, morale will be on the incline and productivity will be through the roof! But you already know this, so what can Evolve Health do for you and your company?

When I design a Corporate Health Program the aim is to increase the wellness of the individual employees, not just for the length of the program but to positively cause behavioural change so effecting life long benefits. And because this program is delivered in a group format the level of commitment, compliance, accountability and motivation produces

Engage clients to motivate healthy behaviours and increase wellness


Us physical, metabolic and behavioural evaluation


use behavioural psychology

personalised and engaging action plan

Extensive health assessment 

Wellness Coaching Diet Planning Outdoor Training